It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your fitness journey or you want to add variety to your current routine – both Pilates and yoga are great options to consider. Stay consistent with your workout schedule, and you will be able to improve your health and tone your muscles at the same time.

As you are getting started with your new fitness plan, which type of exercise is the best fit for your lifestyle? The truth is that there are benefits to both Pilates and yoga. Sometimes, getting started is the biggest step. But, you can’t go wrong choosing either of these programs.

Comparison: Pilates vs. Yoga

Try both types of classes, then decide on the style that works best for your preferences. Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing between Pilates and yoga:

  • Mind-Body Connection: Both yoga and Pilates focus on improving strength and flexibility while also supporting the mind-body connection. If you are looking for a good workout and the opportunity to stay present in your activity, then either yoga or Pilates is a great choice.
  • Spiritual Undertones: Yoga has a stronger focus on the mind and inner peace, giving it undertones of spirituality. The traditions of yoga are tied to enlightenment and spiritual connection, while Pilates is strictly about the workout. The spiritual nature of a yoga class will depend on the teacher and style of class you are taking.
  • Core or Whole Body: The foundation of Pilates focuses on core strength, so the exercises center around abs and core muscles. Yoga also helps with strengthening the core, but it is more holistic overall.
  • Flexibility or Toning: You will benefit from flexibility and toning from both Pilates and yoga. But yoga tends to have a stronger focus on flexibility, while Pilates prioritizes toning. Consider your fitness goals because this small detail might influence your choice. If you are looking for strength and toning, then Pilates is an ideal way to go.

You can improve your fitness with both yoga and Pilates, so there isn’t a wrong answer when choosing a class. Why not include both in your weekly routine?

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