Jody Perry

Jody Perry

Personal Trainer

Jody started his professional career as a Personal Trainer in 2018, but has been training his mind and body since he was four. At that young age, he began studying Karate with his father. Practicing this art form allowed him to gain a perspective on the wisdom of mind and body training, and taught him to harness his energy and focus it on something positive.

Through his time in school, Jody played multiple sports – from football and basketball to badminton and tetherball – always looking for new physical activities to refine his athleticism and challenge his mind. As a child, never taking any sport or game too seriously helped him keep the youthful spirit alive in his training. As a teenager, Jody began weight training with a desire to understand how to get the body into peak physical shape.

Combining his eternal fascination with the movement of the body and a desire to find his true service to the community, Jody returned to school for Personal Training. With a Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Management Certificate from Santa Rosa Junior College, he has now been a Personal Trainer for over four years. Having earned many other certifications in group fitness, Jody continues to study Yoga and other mind/body and movement disciplines. He also takes on Behavior Coaching for conditioning the mind for movement.

All of this experience led Jody to write his first self-published book called “The 21 Disciplines to Spirit Run”, where he introduces a new perspective on a Native American spiritual movement into which eastern and far eastern medicines, disciplines, and ideals are adapted.

Jody puts a lifetime of experience into his work and clients. That versatility and skill gives him the ability to work well with people who want to make a lifestyle change, and make a difference in themselves and those around them. Whatever your goals are, Jody can get you there.