We live in a busy, modern world – which means that stress and anxiety seem to be an unavoidable part of life. Even though we face stressors regularly, it’s critical to be proactive in managing the stress. The truth is that chronic stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Regular exercise is one effective strategy to help people of all ages manage stress and anxiety. If you are feeling stressed, then make sure to prioritize a workout as part of your daily routine.

Stress-Busting Benefits of Exercise

Any type of exercise can be beneficial to help with stress management. Here are a few reasons why exercise is a critical factor that will influence you are affected by stress:

  • Boost the Endorphins: During your workout, physical activity can positively impact increasing endorphins – the feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. When endorphins go up, then you will naturally feel happier.
  • Burn Off Energy: Often, stressful situations put your body into “fight or flight” mode. Even if you aren’t aware that it is happening, this reaction can take a toll on your physical health. Exercise helps to counteract these effects.
  • Overall Health and Immunity: One negative side-effect of stress is that it can cause a reduced immune response, making you more vulnerable to sickness. Exercise and healthy eating are great strategies to support your immune health, helping to improve digestive and cardiovascular functions in the body.
  • Unplug for an Hour: How much does your stress go up when you are looking at a screen all day? Stepping away from the digital world is essential to lower stress levels and help you focus on something else. In addition, many people find that exercise helps to clear the mind and improve their overall focus throughout the day.
  • Better Mood: When you are exercising regularly, you have improved confidence and feel better about yourself. Your body is strong and functional, helping you feel good about your appearance.
  • Improve Your Sleep: Quality sleep is an essential factor for stress management, but too much stress can make it hard to sleep. Regular exercise is a great way to help you get tired, so you can sleep well each night.

Fitness Center to Support Your Health Goals

In addition to stress management, regular exercise is beneficial to help you improve your overall wellness. One of the best ways to follow through with your health goals is to join a fitness center where you have access to quality equipment and fun classes. For more information, call Club Evexia to get started on changing your life: (415) 238-0029.