As 2021 came to an end, we spent some time, as we always do, reflecting on the year. The good, the bad, the triumphs, the failures, and the lessons learned along the way. Without a doubt, the most important thing to happen to us was turning our idea and dream into reality. And that reality is Club Evexia.

It’s been over a year since we originally had the idea of starting our own fitness and wellness center. The beginning of our journey had us looking at opening something in fast-growing Sacramento. Then we looked to possibly acquire an existing facility closer to home in the North Bay. But we just weren’t feeling it.

That is until, in May of 2021, when we happened upon some office space at Shoreline Office Center in Mill Valley, previously home to Glassdoor, who since moved their operations to the City. Within minutes of walking that expansive space, which seemed to literally float over Richardson Bay with its endless windows and views of the water, high ceilings, open floor plan and beautiful useable outdoor deck, we knew we had found our home.

Since that fateful day, a lot has happened. We signed our lease in July 2021 and have been busy building out the club ever since. While we waited for what seemed like an eternity to get our building permits from the County, we were busy ordering equipment, designing the brand, the look and feel, hiring staff, creating fitness and wellness programs, and getting the word out on this amazing facility coming to Southern Marin.

TRX Fitness and Richardson -BayAs we start the new year, we are absolutely overcome with joy and excitement to watch our dream and our vision become a reality right in front of our eyes.

Although a bit behind our original schedule due to permit delays and some supply chain delays that everyone is experiencing, the buildout of the club is making the final turn down the home stretch.

The tenant improvements are within a couple of weeks of being complete. Our flooring and equipment for the fitness area arrive in mid-January. Our lobby and reception area will be complete within a week or so and will serve as our membership office until the official club opening. Here we can set up new members with their fitness app and get their Evolt 360 body composition assessment done, and set them up with personal training programs. We can also meet with prospective members to tour the facility to get a taste of the experience.

It’s hard to describe the feeling we are getting watching it come together. It’s goosebumps moments every time we walk in the place. When finished, Club Evexia will be an extraordinary one-of-a-kind fitness and wellness experience. We can’t wait. We hope you can’t either!

The membership office will be open daily from 11 am to 3 pm Monday through Saturday and by appointment on Sundays through the opening. We encourage you to come by the club and see for yourself what an amazing facility we are creating to serve the fitness and wellness community of Marin.

Happy New Year from Warren and Scott and the entire Club Evexia family!