Opening any new business takes a lot of effort from a lot of people, and opening Marin County’s premiere Fitness and Wellness Center is no different.

Social media can only take you so far, especially when the club isn’t open and you don’t yet have the inspiring videos of happy clients sweating their way through a cycle class or working out in our sprawling state-of-the art fitness area, or in the club’s one-of-a-kind outdoor fitness decks overlooking the bay.

That’s when you need a solid “ground game” where you are out in the community meeting with potential clients, sharing the vision and culture and excitement of what the club will be all about.

Part of that ground game is a weekly pop-up event that the two co-founders, Warren Gendel and Scott Raymond, have started to do each weekend in front of the club, and plan to do through the remainder of the year into their Grand Opening.

The first weekend pop-up event took place on an absolutely gorgeous weekend in October and was a huge success. The partners were able to meet many of the members who signed up early and took advantage of the Founding Members monthly membership rate, the lowest rate available, as well as a whole group of prospective members who wanted to come out and see the club first hand, and get their questions answered.

There were even a group of people that while jogging or cycling on the Bay Trail, which meanders right in front of the club, decided to take a detour and pull up to the tent and see what the club was all about.

“We haven’t worked this hard in decades but we love it because our mission and purpose in opening this club and providing this type of service to the community really inspires us, and charges us up,” says Scott Raymond and his co-founder partner, Warren Gendel.

All in all, it was a tremendous success and the Warren and Scott look forward to doing it every weekend from 11 AM – 3 PM, next time with some of their elite team of instructors and personal trainers helping out, answering questions, meeting members, and even doing group class demonstrations.