On June 3rd we celebrated Club Evexia’s 1 year anniversary. It was quite an event to celebrate a truly magical year.

In the span of only a year, we have accomplished so much. We’ve grown our membership base to nearly 1,000 members. We compiled a team of the best trainers, instructors, and front desk staff in the area. We’ve held numerous educational events with well-known speakers discussing a variety of fitness and wellness-related topics. We’ve had monthly social parties bringing our tight-knit community even closer. We held a very successful fundraiser for one of our non-profit partners, Play Marin. We added our very own bodywork department with deep tissue work and assisted stretching. But most importantly, we have changed the lives of so many of our members by building a club that is inspiring, relaxing, healing, and full of life and community.

As we look toward the next half of 2023, our focus is on continuing to bring as much value to our members as possible. We are adding a variety of new group fitness classes, new personal trainers, and new technology-driven platforms to help diagnose and measure health and fitness performance for our members. We are expanding our body work offerings with massage therapy. We will be introducing offsite fitness and wellness retreats and amazing locations. And we will be expanding our men’s and women’s locker rooms to provide even more space and greater privacy for our growing member base. As part of the expansion, we will be including infrared saunas in the expanded locker rooms and as part of the standard membership, doing away with the separate sauna lounge fee. And of course, more workshops and amazing parties.

Even as we close in on 1,000 members, members find ample space for their workouts in our fitness areas and group classes, creating that luxury, uncrowded feel that is nearly impossible to find at other clubs. Our 21 and over policy has also helped create a professional and inspiring fitness environment that is conducive to effective and productive workout experiences for our members.

As we near the end of the year, we expect to reach our membership cap of 1,500 after which time we will go on a waiting list for new members. This will enable us to continue to provide the maximum value and member experience our cherished members expect and deserve, making Club Evexia one-of-a-kind.

If you haven’t experienced Club Evexia, please come try us out on a complimentary 1-day pass. We’d love to see you in the Club.